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The Job marketplace is the future of hiring

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Changing the way of hiring

The recruiting market is already experiencing the first signs of change as the Job marketplace is becoming a part of internal recruiters’ manners for finding top talents. Because a marketplace gathers all of the information about candidates and saves it in one place (resume, skills, website, network, etc.), hiring is more clear and efficient than ever before. Hiring companies, founder, and internal recruiters can filter for talents by experience, skills, education and more in a matter of minutes. They have autonomy to find their own interviewees within a short period of time instead of sorting through thousands of ill-qualified resumes or outsourcing the Job to an agency. Companies with open roles can reach out directly to those who look like a good fit, speeding up the process. Hiring with a marketplace is not limited by human connections and agendas, but rather relies on data and innovative techniques.

“The marketplace, by putting all of the inventory of jobs and all of the inventory of employees that are available in one place, provides more liquidity so people will actually find jobs a lot faster. It costs a lot less money and it’s more efficient overall. It makes way more sense.”

With transparency also comes accuracy. Recruiters inside a marketplace can see the job-seeker’s goals and learn a little bit about where they see themselves in their next role. As a result, conversations begin quicker and on a more level field. With an efficient, more accurate process, companies save money for recruiting and training the most qualified individuals. “If your a software specialist and you’re looking for a job, a marketplace can help you see what’s right for you – what’s the stage of the company in, what’s the right comp for that level, etc. so you don’t have to go figure it out on your own by reaching out to recruter after recruter” A Specialist says.

Recruiting marketplaces also tracks trends in data and can see the entire recruiting process from start to the end (interview to close), opening up the door for more technological advances, especially with artificial intelligence and machine learning that thrives on data to operate sufficiently.  As this new manner for recruiting takes over, the overall hiring process is going into a much faster, more accurate, more cost-effective and overall simplest hiring process.

November 30, 2020
Meetolog Job Marketplace